GrazeNet Solutions is an Information Technology company located in Wilmington, DE. Our strong background with OpenSource technologies coupled with our enterprise-level experience position us to provide quality custom solutions at a highly competitive price.

Brian C. Huffman
CEO / Lead Engineer

Brian brings over eleven years of experience in the IT profession in industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals to Wall Street Finance. Although he is extremely technically capable in technologies such as UNIX / Linux, web development and programming, his unique talent lies in his ability to find a technology solution to any problem. He received his BEE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Delaware with a minor in Computer Science.



GrazeNet Solutions can draw on many resources to make your project sucessful. We have professionals in Networking, Security, VOIP, and Audio/Video/Computer convergence. Although in many cases we prefer to utilize OpenSource technologies to keep costs down, we are technologically agnostic and will utilize the most appropriate technology for the solution.







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