At GrazeNet Solutions we have the experience to provide whatever technology solutions your company may need. If you need connectivity for your employees, we can help choose the best solution. If you need to advance your marketing by reaching out with a website on the internet, we have the expertise to help.

If you already have a basic internet presence, we can provide advanced email, calendaring and telecommunication solutions using the latest technologies.

In addition to the solutions listed below, we have the flexibility to work with you to design custom solutions to meet your needs.




Internet Presence

GrazeNet Solutions has the experience to select the right internet connectivity for your company. We can work with you to create a presense on the web including a domain name as well as a website to allow your company to reach a broader audience.



Whether you need basic email or full Microsoft Exchange-like email, calendaring and contacts, we have a solution for your company. We can work with you to customize a solution that fits your needs. If all you need is a basic email web interface we can provide that [Screenshots]. Otherwise we can provide full Outlook integration [Screenshots].






File and Print Services

It is both inconvenient as well as a waste of time when your employees have multiple versions of files on their computers. Which is the most recent and up to date? Having a centrailized file server ensures that you are not wasting space and that you have one location for all of your documents ensuring that everyone has access to the latest version.

Wouldn't it be much more convenient and cost efficient to have one printer that everyone in your office can access? We can setup one central printer so that everyone if your office can easily print without worrying where their documents will go.

Telephony Services

GrazeNet Solutions also has experience in Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephony solutions which can save much in the cost of phone service. This is a service that we only bundle with other solutions but it can be of great value to your business.








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